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Casefile No.: 332
Status: Closed
Date: September 9th, 2019
Location: City Cat Cafe

Summary: Local business owner designs website and is never seen again…

A few weeks ago I got a ring from an upset business owner named Sally Jean. She runs that coffee joint just down the alley. Sally Jean had spent hours editing and designing her website and was very proud of her work. But a few weeks later when she saw that she had no traffic to her website, she was inconsolable. I agreed to help her case in a jiffy. Her situation sounded all too similar to those I had seen before. I reassured her that with my assistance, we could get down to the bottom of it, instead of the bottom of a coffee bottle.

The first step in my investigation was visiting her website. It was aces; beautifully designed. But looks aren’t everything in the online marketing world. There was nothing wrong with her website. I needed to look somewhere else for answers. Next, I searched for her coffee joint on Google. I snapped my fingers! This was the lead we were looking for.

Her Google My Business page had not been claimed yet, and with that, her website’s URL and her business’ information were not showing up at the top of the web search on the righthand side. Google allows every business their own special location in search inquiries when people verify themselves, and it’s totally free. I called her up and gave her the lowdown, and told her how to claim her business and edit its information.

A month later she rang me up again. I almost didn’t recognize her voice. Long-gone was the distraught Sally Jean of yonder. She was audibly happy and said that now her website was getting the traffic and recognition it deserved.

That’s right, folks. Another case closed by The Assistant.