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Charrois & Evans – The Success Company

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  • Had my first call with @cesuccessco ‘Coach Cole’ ! Amazing discovery session to launch my life forward to fulfill my purpose, my calling and be the best version of myself! Excited for MORE. Any one else have testimonials to share after working with Cole? Would love to hear.

  • A peak at our re-designed logo made using CANVA in the Toolkit

    • Hey @cesuccessco. I have a few tips:

      Pull your drop shadow closer so it compliments your design. Try 2-3 pixels away instead so it doesn’t over power the main elements in your logo.

      If you are wanting a purple background, change your background back to white. Use a purple circle to match the shape of the vines and give it some space so it is…Read More

    • What is the meaning behind the logo? What does it mean to you? The logo is interesting, however I do not connect to the logo with your saying “A Modern Solution” This logo does not scream ‘modern’, however it will come down to what image you are trying to portray. The hand, the wreath and the saying combined have a religious /midlevel vibe as do…Read More

  • Our new Corporate Letter-head designed right here using the DIYA Toolkit!

  • Say hello to “The Image of The Mind” – This is a road map on how to control your ATTITUDE!
    Now, who knows what ATTITUDE actually is?

  • Welcome to the Official DIYA Toolkit & Community Page of C&E Success Co!

    We could not be happier to join the DIYA family and support this amazing platform for business owners & entrepreneurs! With the help of it’s incredibly talented, skillful, thoughtful & motivated members (Now & future) this platform will no doubt be the premier place for…Read More


We are the ORIGINAL & OFFICIAL business to business networking & support group on DIYA toolkit & Community!

Charrois & Evans is proud to be the official business consulting and personal coaching partner of DIYA Toolkit & Community!

Part of starting & growing your business to success is having a proper network or support group of like minded, forward thinking business owners & entrepreneurs who have the same or similar mindset towards optimization, innovation of products & services and finally improving the customer experience with your company or employees.

Send us a message with:
Why you’re interest in joining the group?
Brief description of your business and what operations are entailed?
What are your lofty or (C-type) goals in terms of your personal development & how you wish to improve your business?

We look forward to meeting all the amazing business owners and continuing to grow this community of creation vs competition minded people!

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