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  • We ordered new cards today! Vistaprint is great, especially for Start-up Businesses. Check them out…

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  • Since the changes with Mailchimp (having to subscribe if more than 1 group is set up) I want to create a second account and transfer over a few of the groups because 2 companies are associated with them anyway. Anyone have tips on how to do this? I would rather pay 2 fees at $20 each than one account at $300!!! Seems outrageous for more than 5…Read More

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  • Blogging is a great way to stay connected with your audience and keep them engaged. But many blogs are not successful as they are not updated regularly and die off quickly. It can be tough to decide on a good timeframe between posts, and can be hard to find that balance between keeping people interested and accidentally oversaturating the audience…Read More


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