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    Coach Cole posted in the group Charrois & Evans – The Success Company

    3 years ago

    A peak at our re-designed logo made using CANVA in the Toolkit

    • Hey @cesuccessco. I have a few tips:

      Pull your drop shadow closer so it compliments your design. Try 2-3 pixels away instead so it doesn’t over power the main elements in your logo.

      If you are wanting a purple background, change your background back to white. Use a purple circle to match the shape of the vines and give it some space so it is not touching the edge of the vine. When you download it, be sure to download a PNG with a transparent background.

      Lastly, the fingernails on the hand are grey. Do you have an option to make them black?

      Let me know how it goes. ☺️

    • What is the meaning behind the logo? What does it mean to you? The logo is interesting, however I do not connect to the logo with your saying “A Modern Solution” This logo does not scream ‘modern’, however it will come down to what image you are trying to portray. The hand, the wreath and the saying combined have a religious /midlevel vibe as do the colours. The purple background makes it hard to see the yellow/gold. I would love to learn more about what you are going for as the rest of your branding (that I have seen) is not consistent with this.

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